Car repairs

Here you can find the examples of our brand-specific services. Including control unit upgrade, programming, coding, repair, retrofitting and much more.

A lot of BMW E-series cars equipped with ELV (Electronic Steering Lock) after years develop the problem inside the ELV mechanism/control unit, which prevents the steering wheel from unlocking, therefore preventing the CAS (Car Access System) moving on the vehicle start routine, which eventually prevents the car from starting. It is possible to temporarily reset the fault counter inside the ELV, which will allow the further “normal” operation of the system. But the problem will come back shortly after the counter reset, because the ELV mechanism is already mechanically damaged and it is just a matter of the timer to tick back to the limit point and prevent the vehicle from starting again.

For that exact reason we at 1769 Performance have developed the ELV-removal service, which will lock the ELV in always-open position. We will reprogram your CAS to bypass the ELV-check routine, so that you can be sure that every time you need - your car will start.

DTC related to the issue: A0AA, A103, A114, A111, 2E41

Most of the E-series cars equipped with FRM3 lighting control unit suffer from the FRM-unit failure due to the low-voltage conditions (Empty battery, long cranking, excessive overall current drain). The problem lies inside the heart of the FRM, which is the Motorola 9S12 processor, which suffers from memory-partition breakdown. The inconsistency of the memory inside the 9S12 will result in complete FRM failure, all the interior and exterior lighting except low-beams will be inoperable.

We at 1769 Performance have a huge experience in FRM3 repair, we can handle a partition-breakdown problems, as well as full data loss.

DTC related to the issue: A559, A3C1, A3B4, 2DED

Instrument clusters on modern vehicles are secured and highly protected from any aftermarket programming for an obvious reasons, to avoid any mileage/vin manipulation. But sometimes it is needed to manipulate the data inside the cluster in order to install another cluster (Upgrade/replace broken).

We at 1769 Performance offer a wide variety of services for KOMBI-units, which include renewal, mileage correction, VIN-change, installation of upgraded cluster (such as 6WB for F-series), coding and programming, as well as custom-work (custom graphics for E-series clusters, custom gauge dials, change of LED-backlight colour).

Unfortunately the control units of Mercedes-Benz 7G-tronic transmissions tend to fail often, therefore generating the demand to program the used mechatronic to the car.

We at 1769 Performance are happy to fulfil the demand and we offer the 7G-tronic programming service. We can clone the data from original mechatronic to the used one/program the used mechatronic relying on the data from EZS (Electronic ignition switch)/renew the used mechatronic for further programming with dealer tools (DAS/Xentry).

Many of our clients like to take the most from their vehicles. Some of the non-AMG cars with just a Stage 1 tune are having a power output very close, or sometimes even higher than their AMG brothers. It is not a secret that, for instance, C220 and C63 are built on the same exact platform, therefore it is possible to activate the AMG-menu on the instrument cluster, which will unlock a lot of useful information for the driver, such as oil and coolant temperature, current gear, lap timer and much more, depending on the model.

We at 1769 Performance are happy to offer the AMG-menu activation service for the following platforms: W211, W171, W209, W219, W230, W212, W204, W164, W222, W213, W177, W172, W221

For some reason, Mercedes hide the Agility gearbox mode from its users on most of the vehicles.

Even though all the international Mercedes-owners community consider it the best driving mode. This is somewhat of a Sport+ mode, which decreases the filling type of a clutch-packs, increases the speed of the torque-converter lockup, as well as uses the most efficient shifting points.

We offer this service as a free bonus for all of our customers who have purchased the ECU-tuning service from us, but it is also available for other clients as a paid service.

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